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Nothing to Nothing

Old school hardcore - punk interjúk, képek, videok + ritkán a személyes baromságaim. Használd a tageket, katt arra a bandára ami érdekel és kiadja az összes hozzá tartozó bejegyzést.

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2010.08.30. 20:51 nothingtonothing

DYS, FU'S, Antidote, Jerry's Kids, Gang Green @eastern hall reunion

Tegnap megint egy olyan koncert volt Amerikába hogy csak nézünk ki a fejünkből. Az egész az ALL AGES BOSTON HARDCORE filmet propagálta, valljuk be eléggé meggyőzően. Most nem fogok kitérni arra hogy ezek a zenekarok mekkora hatással voltak arra amit mi most kényelmesen otthon a fotelünkből letöltünk nap mint nap. Felesleges mert bízok abban hogy aki ezt a blogot olvassa tudja hogy milyen jelentőségűek ezek a zenekarok. Egyébként ehez a DYS reunionhoz nagyon szkeptikusan álltam hozzá miután láttam a doublecrosson a videot ami egy próbájukatt mutatta be...

nagyon leszartam hogy ááá ez erőtlen meg minden. De most hogy nézem ezt a videot.

Az irigység a legjobb szó ami eszembe jut, ja és egy kis hidegrázás a hátamon. Azok a szerencsések akik ott voltak azt írták hogy a Jerry's kids vitte a prímet, darálták ahogy kell. A DYS elment, túlságosan erőltették a Fire and Ice-t, ami tényleg nem szerencsés legalábbis én nem vagyok oda érte. Talán még annyi plusz info hogy Springa a Refuse Resistel elnyomott egy SSD számot, a Slapshot pedig egy Last Rights-ot (na vajon melyiket? Chunks).

Springa tolja az SSD számot

DYS set list:

More than fashion

Open up

Late night

No pain

Held back

Circle storm

City to city


Stand proud




Which side am I


Insurance risk

Road crew


Képeket találtok itt:

Future-Breedés itt Return to the pit. Ha még lesz valami set-list vagy egyéb érdekesség amit érdemes megosztani akkor posztolom a blogon. Egyébként mivel kicsit több időm lesz mostanság megerőltetem magam és felélesztem a blogot. Legalábbis remélem. Ja, egyébként a film 2011 tavaszán fog kijönni.

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nothingtonothing 2010.08.30. 21:17:32

Got to club Lido right as Slapshot were going on. Club Lido = Ticketmaster, no re-entry and $2 water which was bullshit. Also, I expected way more people, the room was far from full.

Slapshot sounded great - Choke's voice was right on, and they covered "Chunks" which was an awesome surprise. Is it me or does Choke's look a whole lot like John Joseph?

Antidote "Style" - I say style because Drew Stone always referred to the band throughout the set as "Antidote Style" which is probably fitting because it didn't feel like Antidote.
Set was abysmal. In fact, it was so bad, I thought about leaving the show and heading back to Vermont. What kept me there was my curiosity as to what DYS would be like.
Anyhow, Antidote Style plodded through the songs and honestly it makes me upset to even talk about it.
I feel like that dude Drew Stone seems nice enough and maybe means well, but I can't help but feeling like he's someone who's been disconnected from this for 20 years and now is trying to be self-aggrandizing and benefit his movie production company through the All Ages film. He kept getting on the mic throughout the night. It felt like he needed to be the center of attention. Moreover, he reminds me of Dee Dee King with his dress-zoot suit style hats and Vanilla Ice aura. It really rubbed me the wrong way. Another case in point - he yelled "circle pit" for the breakdown in Foreign Job Lot, which they proceeded to butcher.

Gang Green - Not bad. What you would expect, drunken buffoonery. Alcohol sounded good.

Jerry's Kids - Fucking great. People went apeshit. Circle Pit madness. The sound was kinda fucked up, but not because of them, it was more of Club Lido's fault - i.e. guitar feedback.

FU's - Not bad, but not great either. Song selection could have been a whole lot better. Vocalist seemed like he's been disconnected from this for a long, long time. Loved the guitarists' VOID shirt though.

DYS - Best set of the night. I was expecting the worst and I got the best, despite the Fire and Ice songs. Smalley had a lot of great things to say in between songs which I appreciated. Band was fast and energetic. The dude (I don't know his name) who played guitar for both Jerry's Kids and DYS was actually pretty fucking awesome - I was watching his playing and he literally was strumming as fast as he possibly could, he looked like he was going to explode at times. Awesome.
Ended with "Wolfpack" to which there were like 7000 dives. Great set. Ended the night on a positive note and DYS' set made it worth it for me.


nothingtonothing 2010.08.30. 23:42:22

brief review...

springa singing boiling point with refuse resist - pathetic

slapshot drummer sucked, but they were great. choke was on fire between songs, talking shit on springa and smalley.

antidote - good but not the best i have ever seen them, they need to ditch those cover tunes.

gang green - tightest band of the night, drummer fucking kills it every time they play. a few clunkers in the set list but a largely enjoyable set.

jerrys kids - best set of the night, rick jones was going wild right out of the gate. they were sloppy and out of tune but the energy level was on 11 and they raged pretty hard.

FU's - too much 3rd lp material and too much cheesy crooning by sox.

DYS - started out ok, but they fell into the 2nd lp material too quick and the set lost steam real fast. also they did a little reworking of some of the songs which was lame - open up was particularly terrible, instead of an upbeat punker they turned it into a weird breakdown sounding mosh song (this sounds cool in theory but was not cool at all in practice).

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